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Nodejs is also a powerful solution for collecting and visualising real-time data in the form of advanced dashboards. GraphQL is an interesting example. Although this query language for APIs can work together with other programming languages, such as…
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Subject: Economics
Case Study: South Africa Inc (unemployment, inequality, growth model)
Put yourselves in the shoes of someone advising the President.
The problem we are dealing with is the 29% unemployment of 10 Million South Africans, the rate cl…
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Future of Work
There is something quite Zuma-esque about watching Cyril Rhamaphosa bumbling through the key note address at the Future of Work Conference, reading a speech clearly not written or properly rehearsed by him. Mr President, a word of adv…
Jul 30
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South Africa posted a 2019 Q1 GDP growth decline of minus 3,2%.
Economic apologists tout this as the worst performance in 10 years. Worse! Back up 33 years to find self-inflicted stupidity of this magnitude. In the Court of Economic History, Preside…
Jun 8
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Adam Smith
The Wealth of Nations
The Wealth of Nations.pdf
Karl Marx
Das Kapital
John Maynard Keynes
General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money

May 30
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May 11
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Great piece of code for displaying an HTML5 video in a Bootstrap Jumbotron.
Mar 14
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English Speaking countries do not do well in Pisa rankings. The Copeman Academy strives to give the English speaking student  a boost in Maths education. We do this by supplementing  analytical training with Deep Learning based Pattern Recognition.…
Mar 12
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Consumer surplus is one of the most beautiful things in Capitalism.
Take for example the fact that I would be prepared to buy a beer for R 20 a Quart. In South Africa that it is about $ 0.70 for a pint! (I would probably pay double that, but lets…
Jan 24
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Jan 14
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"Hi Rob - first registration of the the new year here for me. Feel free to look around. I can make you a Moodle account if you like. Moodle is the exam subsystem (From a company in Perth) that I use  to manage this section.
Over the next 10 days plea…"
Jan 1
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Dec 6, 2018
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This shows how simple neural networks work - worth a  30 minute watch.
Uses Node and brain.js
Dec 5, 2018
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Umair Haque
November 2018
Whenever I write about capitalism, a strange and funny thing happens. “That’s not even capitalism, dude! Grow up!!” It’s not? Capitalism appears to mean whatever anyone wants it to mean, apparently, and hence, ca…
Dec 2, 2018
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"Thank you for joining the Copeman Academy as an adult. I see you have not yet done the Trial exam.
The first test is point and click. Six simple algebra questions that will give us both an idea of where we are (Don't be surprised if you score badly)…"
Nov 19, 2018
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"Welcome to the Copeman Academy. Thank you for registering as an Adult learner.
The first point to make clear is that the Copeman Academy is not a School. We don't offer certificates or set exams. We are here to deliver you a resources that gives you…"
Nov 6, 2018