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Question 1 “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Examine the extent to which your prescribed texts could be seen to be giving voice to formerly “Untold” stories. In your discussion you must integrate the theme of “Freedom versus responsibility” Planning To a greater extent no. To a lesser extent yes. We don’t have the freedom to decide our story, nor decide which story is told. We have no responsibility to make sure our story is told. Neat Not every story can be told. Novels and films may give voice to some “Untold” stories, but they are limited by the fact that there are simply too many stories to tell. No one has the freedom to decide which story is told, and therefore no one has the responsibility of making sure theirs is told. Analysis of the novels The Great Gatsby and Frankenstein and the films Elysium and The Grand Budapest Hotel can prove that, while texts function as voices for untold stories, there are and will always be stories whi
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Raymond Ackermans fairy tale.

If Content is King- The Consumer is Queen!

Consumer Behavior

Behavioral Economics


The Producer is King


Classical Economics (Riccardo, Marshall) builds its model on price being the dominant factor of consumer decision making. Behavioral economics builds on this structure, but introduces other factors that effect consumption. Business marketers take consumers and turn them into customers.


I will argue:


behavioral economics turns consumers into customers;

customer centric strategies are neccesary but not sufficient;

you can never own the customer, but you can own brands;

classical economics still stands, producers are market takers;

opportunities lie in picking up the consumer surplus;

the producer is king.


The Classical Case


The producer is a price taker and price is the dominant factor of consumer demand . In the case of global capitalism where monopolies of price fixing oligopolies are a major factor of production, then the supply curve is


In this section you are basically tested on  algebra from grade 10 and grade 11.

IEB/NSC will test you how you can solve for a variable and draw graphs of given functions.

You need to know Linear Functions, Parabola, Hyperbole and Exponential.

Linear Functions  y = mx + c
Parabola  y = a( x+p)2 + q
Hyperbole  y = a/(x+p) + q
Exponential  y = a . b x+p + q

Identify each type of equation

Draw a rough sketch of each Graph

Calculate possible x and y-intercepts

Write down the equations of any asymptotes

Write down the equation of the axis of symemmetry of a parabola and the coordinates of the turning point.

External Resources

Siyavula              Revision

Mathplanet         Solve Equations and Simplify expressions

Kahn                  What is a function

ExamSolutions    Identity or equation

Varsity Tutors       Equations of a Parabola

Meta Calculator    App for plotting graphs

Do the

2401329?profile=RESIZE_180x180 2401360?profile=original 2401385?profile=RESIZE_180x180

Paper 1


Paper 2


Numbers, Patterns, Sequences, Series


Arithmetic Sequences

Geometric Sequences


Arithmetic Series

Geometric Series

Infinite Series


Functions, Inverses, Logarithms


Functions and Relations

Inverse Functions

Linear Functions

Quadratic Functions


Exponential Function


Two and Three Dimensional Trigonometry
Financial Mathematics Analytical Geometry
Algebra and Differential Calculus Euclidean Geometry
Sketching and Graph Interpretation Statistics
Optimising Functions and Rate of Change Probability

Proprofs Demo

I recently created this  quiz.IEB 2016 Paper1


Priors : Rookie0

20 Lectures of 10 Points Each. You need a minimum score of 180 to pass Business1

On graduation of

Accounting  - Mathematics1 - Economics1 - Business1

You get Rank of Lance Corporal or 2nd Leutenant


you can then enter

Maths2 - Economics2 - Business2

Business 1

B101 Business : Ethics
B105 Business : Mission
B110 Business : Marketing
B115 Business : Social Media
B120 Business : Advertising
B125 Business : Organisational Behavior Focus
B130 Business : Organisational Behavior Fighting Giants
B135 Business : Organisational Behavior The Outsider
B140 Business : Organisational Behavior Motivation
B145 Business : Organisational Behavior Scrum
B150 Business : Law Companies
B155 Business : Law Company Failure
B160 Bus


You should choose the role that you would like to play.


You are learning the syllabus and you are progressing on a non commissioned or commissioned route. This is how we get our ranks and our score


Paying position :  If you are at a minimum above Intern or Cadet you are able to instruct these members. You would can run a group specialising on certain tutorials.


Non Paying Position

You are appointed to one or more of the 200 Lectures in the Cannon.

You are expected to manage the Discussion Forum associated with your lecture (s)



Paying Position : You may be an Intern, Cadet or other Rank that performs a specific Job for the Copeman Academy. Currently the payment rate is one third of the increment income that you produce.

Syllabus Motivation

There are no choices or electives at the Copeman Academy. We are here to promote performers, capital managers and capitalists to the 1%. In this endeavor you are as weak as your weakest link and weakness will not help us take on the 1%.2401253?profile=RESIZE_480x480

Rookie0  Fail

This is our toughest course. We must rid ourselves of rent seekers and dreamers. You fail because you simply don't like Maths and Computers.  You want to return to a world where it is not so important. We wish you well on your way and caution you to consult a business expert at every turn.

Rookie0 Pass - Drop Out

After completing Rookie0 you decide that the life of the 1% is not for you, You should be able chill out and go back to the start of any University or College first year and know that you are as good as any high school graduate anywhere in the world who wants to join the most expensive University that  you can afford.

Rookie0 Pass

If you are still feeling strong after Rookie0, you will already have



E101 Economics: Land

Lecturer : Philip Copeman

I would like to lecture this lecture Apply2401255?profile=RESIZE_180x180


Priors : Rookie0

To to pass  this lecture you must have covered the Priors or have at least  these ranks.



The Land First, the Rest Shall Follow - PAC Election Slogan

Land without Capital is Dust.

Capital without Entrepreneurship is Paper.

Technology Trumps Labor

- Philip Copeman


Land Issue Update

Gated Communities

Diamonds and Rhodes


Maths : Financial Mathematics

Lecturer : Philip Copeman

I would like to lecture this lecture Apply2401255?profile=RESIZE_180x180



It is most important to be able to deal with Sequences, Series, Time Series and Yield Calculations.

This should have been covered in your high school mathematics course. We clarify that here.

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Priors : Rookie0

20 Lectures of 10 Points Each. You need a minimum score of 100 to pass Economics1

On graduation of

Accounting1  - Maths1 - Economics1 - Programming1

You get Rank of Lance Corporal or 2nd Leutenant


you can then enter

Maths2 - Economics2 - Business2

Economics 1

E101 Economics : Land
E105 Economics : Capital
E110 Economics : Labor
E115 Economics : Entrepreneurship
E120 Economics : Technology
E125 Economics : Micro Economics
E130 Economics : Elasticity
E135 Economics : Markets
E140 Economics : Monopolies
E145 Economics : Taxation
E150 Economics : Macro Economics
E155 Economics : Riccardo
E160 Economics : Marx
E165 Economics : Keynes
E170 Economics : Neo Classical
E175 Economics : National Accounts




Rookie0 is your preliminary for the Copeman Academy.

This is the Bootcamp. Everyone  passes this or leaves.2401326?profile=RESIZE_320x320

20 Lectures of 10 Points Each.

You must do all 20 lectures and you will carry the scores into your cumulative score.

You need a minimum score of 4 in each lecture and a total of 100 to pass Rookie0

Lectures are Maths (5); English (5);  Web (5); Coding (5)

To find our where you are take the Entrance Test


Take the Entance TEST

Rookie0 is the hardest course at The Copeman Academy. You may be able to cruise through this stuff if you have Mathematics Core from a good high school as well as Advanced English and at least two years of Information Technology.

There is bad news and good news. The bad news is that if you can't pass the Rookie0 course, we won't be bothering you again. We will cut you free to follow your destiny. May your dreams always come true and may you stay forever young.

The good news is that if you pass Rookie0 you can go onto o



E160 EconomicsMarx

Lecturer : Philip Copeman

I would like to lecture this lecture Apply2401255?profile=RESIZE_180x180


Priors : Rookie0

Please do not proceed on this lecture unless you have covered the Priors or have at least  these ranks.



Under the Apartheid Dictatorship in 20th Century South Africa, all works by Marx were banned, for their seditious nature. 

Dictators and Capitalists despise Marx, because he threatens that their dominance is not permanent.

Marx in 1860 proposed that Capitalism would eventually destroy itself. It would destroy itself by collecting the means of production into an ever smaller group, until the Capitalists had no choice but to attack each other to keep growing.

In the period 1913 to 1937 this is what happened and two world wars were unleashed. Capitalism is however resilient and  Marx was proved wrong. From the brink of destruction, Capitalism has pulled back and regrouped. Today in 2017 we are back to the 1913 numbers in terms of weal




Lecturer : Philip Copeman

I would like to lecture this lecture Apply2401255?profile=RESIZE_180x180


You have heard that a Painting can say 1000 words. Well a figure of speech can do the same thing. It can carry nuance, purpose and emotion.

Figures of Speech

Philip Copeman

An Ode to Decolonised Education


Monty Pelerin

Ode to Decolonized Education                                         (In lyrical Elizabethan Sonnet form)

India colonised european minds                                       (synecdote)
They gave us algebra, counting absurd.                           (antithesis, pun)
Given zero, empires started to gird,                                 (oxymoron, metonomy)
Commerce soon followed and oversea finds.                    (personification, enallage)

England colonised our faire azania                  






Lectures, Groups, Internships

$100 per month, $1000 per year


Lectures, Groups, Internships

$100 per month, per 10 students


$100 per Cadet

From $1000 per month


Intern is the basic Rank of all members entering the system for free. If you have come to the right place you are likely to be:

A recent  High School Graduate, not going to a regular College or University. You cannot afford the trip or the costs of University Education, or you have become disillusioned with the 20th Century style offerings of traditional Universities.

You have an undergraduate Degree or part of a Degree in a 99% future like Engineering or Law. You need the Academy to give you the Business Supplement.

You really want to do an MBA, but you don't yet meet the criteria. The Academy follows a similar path to an MBA, but can take as much as 4 years to complete.

You are working in a business, but feel stuck. You want the academy to help you find a way out of the rut and into the 1%.

You are a business graduate at a Non English Speaking University and you want to learn Business in a English context.

The Copeman Academy is not likely to be for yo