The Copeman Academy is run along the lines of a British Military Academy. Rankings follow Non Commissioned and Commissioned tracks. The difference being that Commissioned Officers and Cadets pay for their commissions and NCOs do not.

The Academy is run on a Freemium Model. Anyone is free to join. You can stay as long as you do not loiter (Hang around doing nothing and trawling for a handout.) If you want sign on as a Commissioned Officer, you begin as a Cadet and the cost is $ 100 per month. After you get your first rank you are able to act as instructor and get paid to help others work their way through the system.

There are many ways to be come part of the 1% or to stay in the 1%. We offer one of them – Perfoming Quants. There is a cannon or syllabus of academic material that must be covered to be successful at business. The Copeman Academy would be familiar to those who are familiar with an MBA or Management Science Degree, however we are tailored to work with the Digital Age and students will be expected to jump right in on Day one. Classrooms are replaced with Online Lectures. Exams are replaced with online testing, tutorial are replaced with working groups. Students come from all over the world and can come and go at their leisure.

The first half of the 21st Century finds us in a world of economic inequality not seen for over 100 years. As the system writhes and twists in on itself, opportunities for the many disappear and only the few get to share the wealth. We foresee a world in which 1% of the people (60 Million) control everything and 99% of the people have little or no wealth. The Copeman Academy is here to ensure that you are part of the 1%.

The 1% are people with Capital of $ 1 Million. This is an over simplified simple target and will vary with each day, but it gives us easily accessible data on which to work.

90% of people will never even get to see a community like this. These are the Poor and theor lives will be mired in shallows and miseries. They are the weak and we must protect them from the 10% who will ruthlessly trample on them. The best way that you can help the Poor is never to be part of them.

There are many ways that you can be part of the 10% (600 Million). The 10% are the workers of the world. They are in a titanic struggle for recognition and liberation. We do not deal with that problem. It is our belief that the system is severely stacked against these participants. Workers compete with each other in a zero sum game that turns rapidly into a race to the bottom. This is where you find the Workers, Accountants, Nurses, Engineers, Lawyers and Doctors, the blood and guts who give their lives to keep the wheels of commerce turning. We admire and respect these folks, we give them the freedom to destroy each other, but we do not participate in this carnage. If your ambition is to get into the 10% or even to thrive in the 10%, then The Copeman Academy is probably not for you. There are industries set up for you. Industries that will take your life and wring it from you.

If you are already in the 1% then you know you are in the real game. There is no room to stand still you either go froward or you go backwards and there is always someone ready to stand on your carcass and reach up over you. Your defense is offense and to know and play the game better than the others. At the Copeman Academy you will find kindred spirits. A fool and his Capital are soon parted.

The future holds a challenge of opportunities and threats and a never changing playing field that require agility and purpose. At the Copeman Academy we identify three roles as the way out of the 99% or the means to stay in the 1%. Performers have a exceptional personal ability and are able to sell themselves as celebrities. Capitalists are people that accumulate Capital and move off the paid ranks. Capital Mangers are those that can enter worker organisations and ensure that shareholders receive an exceptional return on their Capital.

All members are expected to be loyal to the academy and your fellow members and to respect their rank and service record. The Academy is based on the Freemium Model. Free members get a great deal. Paid officers get an even better one. Everyone contributes to The Academy. Loiterers are ejected.

The Copeman Academy is not a University or a Place of Employment. If you need a monthly paycheck, someone to send you To Do lists, give you motivational speeches, feed you or tuck you into bed at night, there are better places to get it.

There is no prejudice here for race, nationality, gender or religion. There are also no benefits for people with dispositions. If you come from a background of abject poverty and need some kind of affirmative action, you need special facilities because of your handicaps or you want to take advantage of some kind of demographic employment equity or you want to break the glass ceiling,  the world of the 99% is packed with positions for these types of openings. If you need that life then The Copeman Academy is not for you. The good news is that we will not tolerate any prejudice towards any from of minority  or background. If you are determined to get into the 1% or stay in the 1% and you are willing to work at it, then there are few barriers to entry. A PC, Internet Connectivity, scoila skills and self motivation will do it.

All members are expected to engage in All subjects of the Syllabus. There are no exemptions or electives. Any member dealing with the Public (Companies, Universities, Governments) will be expected to perform with the highest integrity and any deviation from this will result in ejection from the Academy.

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