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Revision of Grade11


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This is ground Zero. If you don't understand the topics on this page, you have to stay here until you do. An understanding of functions is a grounding for all algebra  and programming after this.  It is  bummer of you don't know these answers.   In this section you are basically tested on  algebra from grade 10 and grade 11.

If you don't understand the topics here

Students - you were not paying attention last year, fix it NOW

Wolves - You have no place being a wolf if you are struggling with this. You need to sign up for an instructor to help you. You have definitely misrepresented your abilities to us. If you go past this point without scoring more than 90% in this sections in the Exams, we will hunt you down and shoot you.


Adults - You had a mispent youth or you have indulged too much in wine women and song. Take your time over this lecture.

Parent - You have to cover this now. If you move on without getting it, your child is likely to run away from you through the tree. Stick with them.

Lions - If you have never encountered pre Algebra, spend a time on this lecture (Schools take a year to teach it). Really focus on the Grade 11 Revision and Exercises. It will not help you to advance before you have waxed this lecture. You may have to slow down on this lecture to catch up. getting it right will make everything else that comes much easier.

Instructors, Teachers, Manager - Functions is where the rubber hits the road. Do not advance Students past this until they have it. You have to be cruel to be kind. If they are struggling here, the read lights should start flashing. They are unlikely to get to 90% in less than 12 weeks. If they stick here, this may be the moment to collect your axe and  take them out for a walk up the mountain. The gods are hungry for a sacrifice.

Revision of Grade 11

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You need to know .....

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Beyond the Grade 12  Syllabus - only advanced students should follow

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Do the exercises on paper BEFORE looking at the answers

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