Nodejs is also a powerful solution for collecting and visualising real-time data in the form of advanced dashboards. GraphQL is an interesting example. Although this query language for APIs can work together with other programming languages, such as Python or Java, it’s Node.js that helped GraphQL to become a new standard to ask for data. This is also the case of Prisma - a brand new solution that replaces traditional ORMs (Object-Relational Mapping) and simplifies database workflows.

While there’s still some debate about the maturity of Node.js, its popularity is still growing. In fact, it was downloaded more than 360 million times in 2018 - and all versions of Node.js show a 40% year-by-year growth of downloads. Given these numbers, it’s likely that there will be more great Node.js examples in the future as well. Especially since Node.js is scalable and relatively easy to learn and use, which often matters for startups.


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