The Copeman Academy is now ready to implement Learning for Grade 12 Mathematics as a site licence for schools. We need resellers to contract Schools to our system.

Resellers must be passionate about fixing the problem of the low distinction rate in Grade 12 Mathematics. You do not need to be exceptional at Mathematics or have any post school qualification in Maths. You will be expected to learn the Copeman Academy system and be able to demonstrate its capabilities. Sales commissions of between R 10 000 to R 30 000 per installation are offered.

Sign up as a reseller.

Offer to Schools

The offer to the schools is they pay a licence of R 50 000 (on top of the staff costs of managing the system, the cost of computers and the cost of bandwidth). Ideally students need access to a dual monitor PC. Tablets and PCs are OK, Smartphones are only a supplement. And shouldn't be used as a primary input.

The Prerequisite for schools is broadband access – the ability for students to play Youtube video.

If the School meets the prerequisites and follows the system workflow, the distintion pass rate should increase by 20%. So if a school was expecting 10 distinctions out of 100 learners, they will get 30 with the proper use of The Copeman Academy. Unbelievably, even with these results, headmasters and the persons making the purchase have to be convinced. This is where The Reseller comes in.

As a Reseller you have tried the system yourself and convinced yourself of the remarkable improvement using the feedback iterations over exam papers. You now have a capable understanding of the logisitics.


The licences sold are spent in the following way:

Hosting R 10 000
Development R 10 000
Management R 10 000
Installation R   5 000
Sales R 15 000
TOTAL R 50 000


So depending on how much of the sale, installation and management you do, you can earn as much as R 30 000 per sale. Sign up ten schools and you are earning between R 100 000 to R 300 000 per year.

If you are truly capable and can also instruct through the year you can bill the School directly for further services.

Signing up

Resellers are appointed on territories and are given targets. If you successfully meet your targets, you retain the area allocated to you.Sign up as a reseller.

Currently the system is ready for implementation in South Africa. Mathematics for grade 12 is standard across most English speaking countries. There are however changes that have to be made for each country to get accurate conformation to each syllabus. If you are interested in partnering with us and are prepared to contribute to the localisation for your country. Sign up as a resller.


Philip Copeman