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Exams Managed (one exam per week)    





R 500 Once off


R 1,000 per month



Trial is Free.

You will not be charged.

You get access to the lectures,videos and exercises. No classes, No Instructors No Exams, No Rank.

Managed By Instructors

R 1 000 per month.

One managed exam per week.

As many self managed exams as you need.


Self Managed

No Instructors

You are on you own, only recommended for really strong students.

R 500 once of payment, membership valid until 1 January 2019

Parent and Child

Enrol together with a Grade 12 Student, you get a R 500 Discount and the Two of you pay R 1 500 per month. If you enrol additional Students they are also at a R 500 Discount

Parents, you qualify our self to instruct other children, or to become an instructor on Copeman Academy

School licences are R 50 000 per year for 1000 Students. Licences can be used by Grade 12, Young Lions and Parents. Order a School Licence.

Be sure to check out the School Requirements for this pricing.

Schools using  Copeman Academy to teach grade 12 Maths can double their Distinction Rate. Colleges can use Copeman Academy to Bridge Tertiary Learners. Because it so new, the concept of a MOOC has to be SOLD. You can earn Commission and Installation Fees installing The Copeman Academy into Schools and Colleges in your area.  Apply to be a Reseller


Enrol for Grade 12 Maths

Enrol now and get one of these badges

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Grade 12 High School Students

We covet our 100% distinction pass rate. We do not accept all applicants. After each month of running the program we eject you or pass you as prepared. Each month we assess your abilities and tenacity for Mathematics. Even weaker students, with enough hours can achieve A Grades. Prove to us that whatever your abilities, you have the tenacity to get an A. If we take you into Finals we have great confidence in your ability to stay the distance and make us both proud.

You can work at your own pace, but you will be expected to follow the regular exam feedback cycles. This is crucial to our method and depending on your ability can take as much as  8 hours per week. Enrol

Copeman Academy  are not an IEB or NSC registered School we cannot issue you a Matric Certificate.

You must have your parents permission and an adult must pay your fees

On Passing grade 12 through The Copeman Academy, you will receive a Rank of Private or Cadet Officer


Pre Grade 12 High School Students

If you are the young genius that we are looking for and feel that even though you are not formally in Grade 12 you would like to enrol with us and write the Exams, but not take the public Exam, you are welcome.  We caution you here that we make no allowances for younger members. We treat you the same as older students, be sure you are tough enough before signing on. Enrol

You must have your parents permission and an adult must pay your fees


If you are an adult, a teacher,  a parent or an international student, we will take you through the full course and will offer you a Copeman Academy Rank. It is not an IEB or NSC certificate. For an IEB or NSC certificate, you will have to register at a registered School and take their public exam. If you get a distinction  we will admit you as an instructor and into our tertiary courses for Mathematics, Programming, Accounting and Economics.

You do not have to write the public exam. you may enrol directly into the Finals to get the full benefit of our range of exams. Enrol


The best way to help your children is to enrol and understand the process of these exams. If you are able to score an A in these exams you are likely capable of teaching your own children. If you are not going to write the public exam you may enrol directly into the Finals to get the full benefit of our range of exams. Enrol


If you are a teacher at an IEB or NSC School or tutor to students, you may use our system to manage you own Students progress. In the forst year you receive the Instructors fees and are responsible for marking one exam per week and ensuring that the students are following the optimal corrective links.  Enrol


Instructors are paid R 300 per hour to manage Students exam progress. Instructors must have an A for Grade 12 Mathematics and a proven ability on using the Copeman Academy system.   Enrol




Payment By Credit Card or Paypal

Paypal is a secure website

with customer refund guarantees

Enrol Unmanaged  6 months  $ 39

One month course membership:

Enrol for  single student $ 80

Enrol for Parent and Single student $ 120



Payment by Bank Transfer

Must be paid by an adult over 18 Years

Please use your email as reference.

Enrol Unmanaged  6 months                   R 500

Enrol for  single student 1Month           R 1 000

Enrol for Parent and Single student     R 1 500

Enrol for a School licence                    R 50 000


South Africa
   Philip Copeman

United Kingdom

   Jonathan Oshry
   6a Lanark Road
   W9 1DA
   United Kingdom



School Requirements

The Copeman Academy is an Online MOOC. While Students can get benefit from using the system on a smartphone , it is not ideal. Students need regular access to a Windows PC or a Tablet, a Storage Directory and Broadband band access.  They either need this as a private PC in their homes (ideal) or in a School Lab (minimum).

The fee of R 50 000 includes setup and training. It does not include Tutoring services.The School teachers or additional employees of the school have to provide this. Tutoring on the Copeman Academy is less about Mathematics and more about steering the Students down the optimal path. Teaching material is Creative Commons and freely available. Teachers and Tutors are responsible for reviewing, monitoring and pushing through progress. They need to be taught to administer the system.

Philip Copeman