Students, Parents, Adults  Pay Fees

Instructors, Managers        Receive Earnings

Teachers, Partners            Cash Neutral

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We are looking to appoint  Instructors. Instructor are not Maths teachers. You must have basic competency in the Grade 12 Mathematics material, but you will learn it very quickly with our system. More importantly you must be able to  working with Web Based systems. Copeman Academy runs on Moodle, Ning and Bootstrap. Our instructors and managers ensure that the Students get around the exercises, We focus on Creative Commons Content. Our content providers are some of the best in the world at delivering Maths educations, you just have to get the student to read the pages, watch the videos and do the exams. We are looking for fancy baby sitters!

ONE All our Instructors have to do the Course themselves. Only registered, experiences maths teachers can become Instructors in the first year. Even these Teachers have to prove competency with Trial exam.

TWO Once you have proved compentency in the Exam, you will need a classroom where students have access to broadband Internet. This can be home, a School of Office. Generally we engage with students out of peak hours, so this is not that hard to come by.

THREE One you have ONE and TWO, we appoint you as an instructor in a given area and we engage on a Social Media campaign to enrol students for you. Our monthly fees for managed Students are R 1000 per month. You get R 500 per month per student. You meet the students once per week for 4 hours and we help you to manage them.

Instructors, Teachers, Managers, Students, Parents, Adults  Everyone goes through the same application process to Join Free

Students, Parents, Adults who wish to take managed or unmanaged programs should Enrol.

Student fees are approximately split 25% Academy, 25% Manager, 50% Instructors.

Accounts are settled Monthly


Instructors manage a platoon of 4 to 20 students

A shift is 4 hours examining students (simultaneously)

1 Hour per week per student marking (individual).

Instructors Receive R 500 per month per student.

Working 1 shift per week with 4 students an Instructor earns R 2 000 per month.

Working 5 shifts per week with 20 students an Instructor earns R 10 000 per month.

Competent Instructors should be able to manage 8 students in a 4 hours session - its all in the system.


Managers manage a company of up to 6 Instructors

1 Hour per weeks per Instructor auditing

Manager receives R 250 per month per student

Working 1 shift per week with 4 Instructors a Manager  earns R 8 000 per month.

Working 5 shifts per week with 20 Instructors a Manager  earns R 40 000 per month.

The is a great opportunity working with Schools. Schools have to be SOLD on the systems (can you beleive it) To make real money from The Copeman Academy,  we are looking for Resellers


Teachers can be Instructors to  their own Students. (You will need to clear this with your school)

In first year they receive the same fees as Instructors.

In subsequent years they receive the Managers too

A Teacher Instructing 4 Students in their first year receives R 500 X 4  = R  2 000 per month

A Teacher Instructing 4 Students in subsequent years receives R 750 X 4 = R 3 000 per month

A teacher instructing 20 Students can receive R25 000 per month.


Parents can choose to instruct their own children,

Parents for the first time must take the Grade 12 Maths Course themselves.

Parents instructing a Grade 12 Student are given a discount of R 500 off their fees.

A Parent with one first time child pays R 1 000 X 2 - R500 = R 1 500 per month

A Parent in a subsequent year with one child pays R 1 000 - R 500 = R 500 per month.

A successful Parent, passing,  becomes eligible to be an Instructor in subsequent years. (See Instructors fees)


Philip Copeman