Grade 12 Maths is a tree of :   16 Topics
  75 Sub Sections
  300 Question Types


Some of the best pedagogic minds in the world have thought up what those 300 questions should be. It is a global standard.

Answer these 300 question types, or recognize them and substitute the current question you are dealing with  into them and you can get 95% for Grade 12 Maths. Keep doing it enough and it becomes  completely instinctive. As each level is reached this thinking becomes sewn into your thinking. Because so much effort is spend globally defining the Grade 12 Syllabus, the topics covered are a vital cannon to both adults and students for interacting quantitatively in the modern world. Learning Grade 12 Maths will have an instant effect on your daily decision making. Its gym for the mind - but unlike Suduko, it has real applications.

If I ask you what is 6 minus 3? - 3  You don't have to work it out. You know it! 

Similarly if I ask you to say the word CAT, you don't figure it out C - A - T. You  know it!


That is how it has to be with Math. It is Binary, you can't half know a topic, because every topic after that that depends on this topics, you will also half know.

Similarly if you already know a topic, you don't want to keep rehashing the same thing - you need to move on.

You need a system that "feeds" you through this tree:


The basic node is called a Markov Process

Its a bit more complex than that.  Each Node in the tree we treat as an Object (a term from computer Science) We deploy the ideas of Inheritence, Polymorphism and Encapsulation  and we use this to optimize the Learners progress down the Tree:

We use backward iteration and a variation of Zermelo's Theorem to move through the tree. We know what we want, we know time is limited and we know what we are trying to achieve from such student.

We do not Teach Mathematics. The content providers do that! We just  put your face in front of the right piece of content at the right time and keep testing you until you have it.


This is analogous to Facial recognition software. How does a camera know if it is dealing with a human or a cat? When someone takes a picture of you and your buddy and post it on facebook, why do you suddenly, magically,  get freinds requests for three of you, those in the photo and those posting it....  And freinds of theirs.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." - Arthur C. Clarke

How do we do this? The answer is pattern recognition. It is the same with Grade12 Maths.

This dramatically cuts down teacher input (the expensive stuff), saves the student from wasted repetition (the inherent built in cost of the 30-up class system) and cuts out the online wastage of trawling Google (overloading).

We are  particularly interested to work with Students that have achieved a 65% to 75% School Based Assesment. - The System has already written them off as non distinction candidates. Given their cooperation, we can turn them into disctinction passes. This system can also work for Top students, but then it is more focused on time saving (fixing their gaps and not have them unnecessarily repeat exersises that they already know). This system is not for everyone.  It does not work for average or below average students, demotivated students  or students who do not have access to high quality bandwidth. It is ideal for League of Legends players!

Top students will need this system because it cuts them out from repeating unnecessary exersises.

Adults will need this system, because They FEAR Math and they have largely lost their ability to focus attention for any length of time.

I am sure these  claims sound arrogant so let me give you an example:

My son Daniel was at Reddam for 12 years. And went to Master Maths bi weekly for his last two years. After spending R 1 mIllion on his maths education and R25,000 on extra lessons, he never achieved a mark greater than 69% in 12 years. His School Based Assesment was 65%. While he was a popular achiever at school great at everything else (he won most popular student trophy.) He - and Reddam - had given up on him as a Maths Candidate.

After 8 weeks on my program he achieved a final mark of 86% - with a mark of over 92% for his final papers. He now tutors Grade 12 students.

My second son, Michael started working on the tree in Grade 10. In three months he moved from Grade 10 Maths to being able to write Grade 12 papers - with distiction.

I felt terrible that I had not put attention into their Maths earlier. Writing this system is my shot at redemption for that negligence.

Weak students

Here is the thing - there are no weak students. Math is simply not that difficult - unless you lose you position in the tree and then it is impossible.

In the diagram below if a student get to the "Diagonal Line Node" he has nowhere to go. While he sticks there  the other students go forward. At first he thinks he is stupid, then he starts to Fear Maths and eventually with his self confidence shattered he learns to Hate Maths.

None of these events need to have happened. All that was required was to recognise that he is at a Diagonal Line Node, and set him back one stage. He will soon be progressing a pace. How many lives have been lost to this simple human error?


By giving the student  a route and making the progress down that route available to her teachers and managers, we can achieve an astounding rate of conversions. Our success rate is to date 100%.


Philip Copeman